X Hero Siege 3.36

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  • In response to X Hero Siege 3.36

    i've found some weird bugs in this map
    for example i became lvl 30 suddenly or i can increase money each time i press right arrow button or i can reload skills by pressing left arrow button
    can someone tell me how to activate those bugs cuz i accidentally activate them every time and sometimes it takes a while to activate them...

  • In response to X Hero Siege 3.36

    Heros dont need balance becouse this map is cooperative and its really fun!

    ZEEP 13
  • In response to X Hero Siege 3.36

    The concept is nice, but the game has TOO MANY balance problems. Heroes are not balanced at all, and there are some heroes that simply are worse than others in ALL fields.

    I think that if the map maker spent some time balancing the heroes, this map could be A LOT better.

    MT Team member
    Azeroth (U.S. East)
  • In response to X Hero Siege 3.36

    This map is awesome! You get to stand around and grind for a while, because if you don't wait approximately 30 minutes to gain power, you're absolutely fucked! And you have to buy tens of thousands of stats, which makes it all worth it! I mean, games are nice, but waiting for marginal reward is even better.


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