Latest: Jurassic Park Escape V1.0

Jurassic Park Escape V1.0
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    Hi guys. I played your map and its cool. One problem is the camera, sometimes i can't navigate in the level or if i chased by a dinosour and i go into a dead end,then i can't figure out how can i escape. The ''Zoom'' ability is make things easier, better navigation in the map,but in a tanse moment + a wrong click and i lost again.
    Thats the bad thing about the map.

    Overall the map is realy good.
    Scary atmosphere, detailed levels and darkness.
    I like this map, because its fun to play.
    i give 7.5/10 points to your map.

  • In response to Jurassic Park Escape V1.0

    The map doesn't really work


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