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Beat Down TD v0.69.6
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  • Project Contributor In response to Beat Down TD v0.69.6

    Hello everyone and welcome to my second TD project (eighth map).

    I have this autohosting on my bot BDTD on three realms set to go with 2 players. Reason it is set to 2 players is because not to many people know about it and it is hard to get people to join a map they do not know very well.

    The response so far has been great and people who play it and understand it really seem to like it.

    This version is very clean and quite balanced although I will not release 1.0 until I am sure.

    Take a minute and have a friend join, hopefully in a month or so it will be getting full house games, that I must say are nuts and really fun.

    EDIT- My bad I made 2 posts for this map.
    In my defense I didn't choose update project, I choose upload a new version (sorta confusing). I didn't mean to make a new post, here is the link to the first one where SlyRipper made a review.


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