Latest: ZP: Chapter I: Shattered Halls

ZP: Chapter I: Shattered Halls
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  • Copied this from a reply to your forum thread.

    OK my 2 cents...

    Your map is very beautiful, I rarely see maps that had so much time put into it's look. I can fully appreciate the amount of time you put into making the map fit the atmosphere you want it to.

    The gameplay was a bit different to what i'm used to, the bosses were definitely no rollover but they weren't extremely hard either, a good balance. The stone golem was a nice add in the second boss as his hurl boulder made that made much more challenging. The final boss was a bit too hard i thought at first, but on my second attempt i lure the sorceress away first then i was able to kill the boss.

    Would have liked a cinematic ending as well as the opening cinematic, especially since you are making it a campaign map?

    I actually really liked that map, it was very short but good fun and different from the other maps somehow. I look forward to your next map!


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  • Project Contributor In response to ZP: Chapter I: Shattered Halls

    Looking forward to any suggestions people may have! :) If you feel the map is good as it is...let us know too!


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