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Faction Wars V.2
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  • In response to Faction Wars V.2

    I'm to slow or Faction Wars too fast.
    Anyway the map is great, really fast and simple.
    Create a powerful army and defeat your enemies.
    Faction Wars' gameplay is different from the standard Warcraft 3 gameplay, thats why i give you 5 stars for that brilliant work. Long live for the alternative war3 maps.

  • Project Contributor In response to Faction Wars V.2

    Thanks, I really I appreciate your reply. Well all models came from, most of the tanks and infantry models were made by General Frank, so if you are planning to put it on a map and upload in the internet don't forget to give credits to those who were listed on the "Credits". The Water World: Shattered Lands was my very first attempt to create a new unique map but reviews from the Hiveworkshop was average and some are below, though I will not abandon it and I am still planning and gathering ideas for its future remake. While Frosty Woods was my first attempt to create a melee, I did this to practice my terraining on maps, the reviews from the same site were average and I was pleased that I was improving over years. And lastly, Faction Wars is my second attempt to make things right, I thought of having a sci-fi RTS game for the Warcraft 3 because map makers rarely make games like that. Reviews from Hiveworkshop was favorable and it really inspires me to update the map to V.3, and you can always expect lots of lots of changes in the next version, but because of many issue from the 1st version, I am not planning to update it anytime soon.

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    At first I was wondering why is this map 7,1 MB, but when I tried it I was like wow, so many custom models, so many beautiful tanks. Didn't play it for long but I'll spend some time on this one. Now that I've tested all 3 of your maps I can't believe they are all yours. Comparing Frosty Woods and this one seems like former was created by a child. Where oh where did you find so many custom units for this map please tell me? For now I'm giving it 4 stars.

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