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Lazerus Hero D v.91.2
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  • In response to Lazerus Hero D v.91.2

    Hella fun game haha, long, but tons of fun! Great heros, unique spells and items. Think its really good and really fun. Keep up the good work :]
    Also let me know if you come up with any other Maps! I added you. (in game, wc3) i also wanna play your td lol

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  • In response to Lazerus Hero D v.91.2

    I thought it was pretty good, kinda difficult and a little crazy at times, but good map =)

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    VERY fun game keep working on it and i will like it more than DOTA!!!! 1 suggestion though is that maybe more caves in the begining or like scrolls of teleportation that could be cast on teammates?

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    Any chance of scaling the map according to the number of players?

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  • Project Contributor In response to Lazerus Hero D v.91.2

    Now that I am somewhat satisfied with my TD I can start work on this again.

    This is a really long quest to kill the Dragon King. It has three parts (Quests) that are about 30 minutes a piece.
    First Quest is to kill the Leader of the Wild Animals. He will send unrelentless waves for a duration. Then you fight him.
    Second quest is a Castle Raid to kill Dingus the tyrannical King of the land. This will be the richest bounty of the game and is my favorite part.
    Third is a Timed Dungun Siege to kill the boss of the map, the Dragon King. You will have to push through waves of high powered Skeletons, Spiders and Giant "Kaos" Golems. If you make it to the heart of the dragon on the map you will see the Dragon King, beware he is very strong.

    As of now it has this “unusable skill point” build up I am working on. It is very annoying to see skill points in the box and click on it just to find out you have level requirements to meet before you can use them, sorry about that.
    If and when you try this beware it seems like its “imba” due to the extreme leveling you will be doing but just know that the creeps get harder in an equal manor, balanced. Not completely, if only just enough to make it playable, but that would be hero to hero balance(not hero to creep). You will see units doing 1000 damage but… everything does, it’s a goal of mine to make it outlandish.

    Looking for balance help if you can grasp the extreme way I am trying to make the game.
    Have fun this map is intense.


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