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hoihoi8s Custom Hero Survival v1.02
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  • V1.00 10/30/08
    -All spells rebalanced. In general AOE was nerfed, single target buffed.
    -New spells added: Resurrection, Shockwave, Inferno, Cluster Rockets, Soul Burn

    fixes for V1.01 11/02/08
    -All spells: Most spells rebalanced. Instant win spells nerfed. Underpowered and underused spells buffed
    -Fixes: resurrection works properly
    -New spells: defend, pulverize
    -Removed spell: battle roar
    -New individual bosses after group bosses. Have a single target spell ready.
    -Almost all tool tips updated and are more helpful
    -The hard chaos enemies can't spawn in rounds 1-3
    -Final level summons received chaos damage

    Upcoming for V1.02
    -More spell and skill balancing
    -Spell added: Dispel Magic
    -More enemy types. Went from 33 to over 100
    -Ness can use barrage now
    -Force of Nature - since there are only 4 trees in arena, final level summons 4 trees. Thorns aura added
    -Carion Beetles - skeletal mages removed from final level


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