Latest: hoihoi8s Custom Hero Survival v1.0

hoihoi8s Custom Hero Survival v1.0
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  • - All Minor Skills Upgrade To Level 20-
    -All Ultimate Skills Upgrade To Leve 3-
    - Players Will Recieve 300 Gold and 200 Lumber Between Each Wave.
    - All Players Have 7 Skill Slots So Choose Wisely.
    - Original Map By Briza187, fsmc07a, CDRbaby
    - hoihoi8 modied 10/30/08
    - All spells rebalanced. In general AOE was nerfed, single target buffed.
    - New spells added: Resurrection, Shockwave, Inferno, Cluster Rockets, Soul Burn
    - Based off Custom Hero Survival 8.0


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