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Animal Tag Version 1.8e
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    how did you fix the 2 animal bug?

  • In response to Animal Tag Version 1.8e

    VERSION 1.9d

    Fixed the double animal bug.


    VERSION 1.9c

    Hunters are now weaker.

    Changed the No Upkeep at the top right of the screen to Linear88.

    Sometimes, some animals get 2 animals instead of one.

    VERSION 1.9b

    Changed the way the tomes work.
    Hunters can now only use the tomes.
    Rabbit's Speed Boost buff has been fixed.
    Storm Warriors will now only revive at the Slayers' Tavern.

    Some animals will have 2 spirits on death. (RARE BUG)
    Game crashes (Fatal Error) if an animal visits the shop before hunters choose their hunter.

    VERSION 1.9

    Blink for Storm Warrior now uses mana.
    Fixed Hunter Hero Revival.
    Setname format is now: > Desired Name.
    Text for gold and lumber has been changed.
    Deleted a test variable.
    Hunters are now stronger.
    Dead animals' gold will now be half their gold.
    Resurrect Self required gold will now be 1200.
    Repair speed has decreased.
    Damage of Flame Tower has decreased.
    Suggested players are now: 3v2,6v3,8v4
    Bounty for killing hunters are now increased.
    Fixed Dagger of Teleportation warning.

    Added a text at the shop saying: Hunters can see this area.
    New tips about bases.
    Added tomes for hunters.
    Host selection system. It will run when Red leaves or when Red isn't in the game.
    Pure sight will now have an effect on a hunter. (Aura Effect)

    Tomes are sold to everyone.
    It will cause the game to give a message: Fatal Error if an animal (excluding Storm Warrior) buys it.

    VERSION 1.8e

    Kick system will now fire when votes hit 50%.
    Fixed Pause button art.
    Hunters who do not pick their hunter after the 30 second interval will now get sentry wards.

    Anti-teamkilling system.
    Repair ability for animals.


    VERSION 1.8d

    Lamemusic has been fixed.
    Silencing Staff can now target Spirits.
    An animal which is saved will now be revived on the spot.
    Sentry wards sight radius has decreased.
    Hunter's EXP do not stack anymore.
    Resurrect Self now requires 1000 gold.
    Drain Totem hotkey has been fixed.
    Flame Tower's damage type is now Chaos.
    Flame Tower is now larger.
    Range of Load/Unload ability of Invisible House has been decreased.
    Commands in quest have been edited.
    Animals can no longer glitch.
    Destroy Building's hotkey is now working properly.
    Hunters leaving causes -1 in Dead Animals has now been fixed.
    Sentry Ward now requires mana.
    Defensive Farm's hotkey has been fixed.

    Credits now contain all the supporters.

    Hunters who do not pick their hunter after the 30 second period will not get Sentry Wards.

    What's next in the new version?
    Anti-teamkilling system.

    VERSION 1.8c

    Anti-camp has been improved and cannot be used multiple times.
    Storm Warriors are now weaker in attack and in hitpoints.
    Removed -savenames command.
    Ability Shadow Walk tooltip has been fixed.
    Hunters now get lots of gold when a storm warrior is killed.
    Cooldown for Blink (Storm Warrior) is now 120 seconds.
    Dagger of Teleportation and Aura Horn stock in shop has increased.
    Fixed an issue when a pig and lion is killed, there was not an equal amount of EXP awarded.
    Magic sentry at mini mart has been deleted.
    Bundle of lumber now looks "real".
    Improved pickup/buy items for animals.
    Fixed tip word "ensare" to "ensnare".
    Ability Pure Sight button location has been fixed.
    Storm Warrior's animations have been fixed.
    Text for buying Aura Horn has been fixed.
    A leaving player's name will now be: Name (Left)
    Herald Gallop's death time has been decreased.
    Chicken Gust and Chicken Sand tooltip has been fixed.
    Speed Boost hotkey has been fixed.

    Selection Timers have been created to prevent animals/hunters from not choosing their animals.
    Some props added to the map.
    A sound will now be played when an animal dies/is saved.
    Animal's Spirit has now been changed.
    Flame Tower has been added into the game.
    Silencing Staff has been added into the game.
    An anti-camp message has been added into the game.
    Sentry wards are now given to hunters.
    More tips!

    Hunter's base damage has been increased to 10.
    Hunter's armour has been decreased.
    Death time of Lumber House has decreased.
    Gold cost of Slow Tower and Pause Tower has increased.
    HP of all towers have been decreased.
    Invisible House is now weaker.
    Keen Sight's cooldown and mana cost has increased.
    Max Hero Level is now 30.
    Sentry Tower's sight radius has decreased.

    Animals can glitch somewhere...
    Sentry wards require no mana.
    Lame Music is not working.

    What's next in the new version?
    Will be fixing most of the bugs in-game.

    VERSION 1.8b

    All players can now vote to kick someone. (Major bug at 1.8)
    "Kicked player" bug has been fixed.
    All commands in the quest Commands can now be seen.
    Changed the text in the quest How to Play.
    Magic Sentry is now working at mini mart. (All hunters can see invisible units nearby there)
    Hunters do not have "You are not allowed to teleport in!" message when they enter the hunter selection area.
    Suggested players in game now 3v1,6v2,8v4.

    New building Lumber House.
    All towers can now attack trees.
    New command -playerids. (Used for -kick [player number/player id]
    Anti-camp function. Manual type. Red can only use the command -anticamp.
    Decreased the storm warrior's base hp and animation death time.
    Sheeps are now unable to fly.
    Sheeps have a new ability called: Panic.
    New tip about -playerids.
    Clan channel for game is now Clan L1NE. i = 1

    Anti-camp command can be spammed many times.

    What's next in the new version?
    Will be fixing the anti-camp bug.
    Will make the storm warrior stronger in attack.
    Will add a strong tower that is strong at attacking but weak in armour.

    VERSION 1.8

    Storm warriors cannot save animal spirits but only an animal can.
    Hunters can now enter the storm warriors' level area.
    Lots of trees have now been added.
    Removed some weird stuff and areas of the map.
    Cooldown for flight/land ability has been created for sheep.
    Lion can now enter small spaces.
    Ally trading fixed. CTRL CLICK's value is 1000 and normal clicking's value is 1.
    Hotkey for the tooltip "Upgrade to Slow Tower" has been fixed.

    Votekick system has been added.
    Loading screen image has been changed.
    Hero warning has been added.
    Quests have been changed to map info instead of Creatures.
    New website for map:
    Basic tower can now attack. Damage is 25 per hit.

    A kicked player's units stay on the map and the leaderboard does not count the person as a leaver.
    Player shares his/her units and the person who got the permission for sharing can use destroy building and kill that player's items.
    The quest "Commands" does not show the first command -setname.

    What's next in the new version?
    A quick fix will be implemented as follows:
    Will be fixing the "kicked player" bug.
    Will be also fixing the quest "Commands" bug.
    Ignoring all the other known bugs.

    May be creating a new building called "Lumber House".
    Anti-Camp will also be implemented.
    Basic Towers can attack trees.


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