Latest: The Hunt of Evil 7.42 FINAL

The Hunt of Evil 7.42 FINAL
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Project Rank 52,926 out of 60,474 in WarCraft 3

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  • I can't play it!!! Help!!! :O

  • Hello!
    I've got a question to Author. Could You make it for 2-3 players? :) (as simple as it can be, just make it possible to play with a friend or two). This map is the type which I like most, enemies attacking from everywhere, small base, defending... :D
    Best Wishes

  • Hi there!
    So far i've played the map without problems (i can also add that it is very fun), but i'm kind of stucked with the quest "Kill Heridoth". I really cannot find him...
    I think an extra tip on the quest logs would be much appreciated.
    Thx and nice mod!


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