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Dark Lineage Owen 0.3
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Project Rank 58,936 out of 60,493 in WarCraft 3

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    Incredible RPG, better than GOH, better than the black road, just Incredible has 4 first classes, undead, orc human and elf Which can then turn into 10 sepreate class proffesions and then 5 at the next lvl stagethen 5 more at the next lvl and 3 more choices

    Im gona list my Hero-builds below

    orc - Orc rider - Beast tamer - Troll Assasin - Overlord

    Undead - BloodFiend - Death Revenant - Dark Assasin

    Human - Paladin - Holy knight

    Undead - Witch - Necromancer - ShadowFiend


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