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  • When model Hailey Baldwin walked into the launch event for Magnum ice cream's first US store in SoHo, I didn't expect her to be wearing sneakers. But even after sharing that she had just broken her foot, the 19-year-old declared sneakers and a dress as her go-to look. "If I'm going out to a party, I want to be in sneakers and a dress so I can dance," she told me. "I usually try to keep it pretty simple; sometimes I get caught looking very tomboy, but that's because red bottom shoes christian louboutin I like to be comfortable."Hailey's not the only fan of this rising trend. Celebrities like Kaley Cuoco and Gigi Hadid are making the unexpected combination look elevated. Keep reading for a few of Hailey's best outfits, then learn how to get the look.
    Lemlem began as a children's line and has expanded to include womenswear. The label is carried by a number of high-end partners, including Net-a-Porter, Moda Operandi, and Matches Fashion. Liya's also brokered deals for Lemlem to red bottoms shoes on sale collaborate with other major brands, including J.Crew and Soludos. When it comes to those partnerships, Liya's not afraid to work her industry connections."It either comes from me liking the product and reaching out to the brand — or vice versa," she said. "I'm lucky enough to have the support of the fashion business, and so that's how we function. It's very organic."Running Lemlem takes up a great deal of Liya's time, but she's still in the modeling game. She christian louboutin chooses projects more carefully now that she's got a business to run — and two children to bring up. It all comes back to the calendar."I feel like my whole life revolves around scheduling," Liya said.One gig Liya was able to accept was modeling at Kanye West's February Yeezy Season 3 show during New York Fashion Week. It was something, Liya said, that she couldn't pass up because of the "life experience.""It was the kind of project you just red sole shoes christian louboutin get on board with because it's amazing and crazy, you know?" Liya said. "That's sort of what Yeezy was — it was different . . . he's changing the way you do shows."
    Kendall Jenner's latest Harper's Bazaar cover shoot is sleek. Simple even. Of course the supermodel looks as sexy as ever, flaunting bodysuits and cover-ups by the likes of Balmain and Michael Kors, but it's her interview that gets a little more complex. Kendall has a conversation christian louboutin outlet with Karl Lagerfeld, who photographed her for the feature, touching on the first time they met and how inspired she is by the designer's hard work and drive. "My contracts with Fendi and Chanel are lifelong," he says in response, for anyone speculating that he might be retiring soon.But here's what else might surprise you: sexy superstar Kendall Jenner does not like to get dressed up. "Most days I don't care what I wear. You'll find red bottom shoes for women me in yoga pants, a T-shirt, and sneakers almost every day. My job is to wear something nice when I work, so I enjoy doing it then. But when I don't have to, I'd rather just wear something comfortable," she explained.It's fitting, then, that Kendall's stripping down to her skivvies for the July issue. Scroll to check out her shots, then read her full conversation with Karl on Harper's Bazaar and scoop up the feature when the magazine hits louboutin sale newsstands on May 24.
    Candice Swanepoel's latest maternity moment is about to go down in history. You can claim it was the way she caught the sunlight as she crossed the street, but we'd argue it was all in her smart styling — and one really great Jen's Pirate Booty maxi dress. While Candice has christian louboutin shoes been showing off her growing bump in bikinis galore, it's her breezy bohemian silhouettes that remind us of her effortless fashion sense.Candice ran errands in a black and white printed off-the-shoulder number complete with frills at the hem and sleeves. The supermodel turned up the Western vibes in tan leather boots, accessorizing with look-at-me pieces like a classic white Chanel bag and mirrored cat-eye sunglasses. Read on to see her strut her stuff like she's on the catwalk, then shop similar Summer dresses — because we know you'll be so inspired.
    Take the Olsen twins, for example. As the duo graduated from their movie stardom and became designers, they embraced sophistication with smart red bottoms shoes tailoring instead of shorter hemlines. (There's nothing wrong with a sexy mini; they're just not for Ashley and Mary-Kate.) Whether they are on the street or at the Met Gala, the Olsens dress for comfort and for themselves — quality coats, roomy leather satchels, flats, and oversize scarves that are cozy, yes, but also draped with aesthetic in mind. That same look is reflected in their collections for The Row. Mary-Kate and Ashley design and wear clothes that they red bottoms shoes love. Maybe we're used to their image. Maybe they'll never fully surprise us. But that's because they're just wearing what they like. In my opinion, that's a real treat.So was seeing both male and female models cast in runway shows this past Fashion Week. Both Rag & Bone and Tibi showed unisex clothing that I could really get behind, from bright separates to pants that pooled to the ankles, so you could just make out a slip of shoe. christian louboutin sale Even before women's Fashion Month began, ladies stomped the catwalk at Men's Fashion Week in Europe. Noah Johnson refers to these mixed collections as "inclusive fashion" in New York magazine, writing: "The effect was that [female models] served as punctuation for the menswear, proof that a well-cut trouser . . . or the silhouette of a double-breasted overcoat has universal appeal. It wasn't so much about sharing clothes with your girlfriend as it was about how satisfying and simple louboutin shoes good style can be."


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