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  • so basically the best one is the lvl X 2
    to achieve this first you must drop the power orb on the little circle and the other one will turn green, walk onto the green circle whilst your hero is holding ghost spirit (also make sure your hero is NOT holding supre defence as you will recive the fifth [v.] reward) and your level has to be higher than 328. Unlike most of the other rewards there are no graphics to show that your hero has changed, you will however lose your ghost spirit item.

    there are ways to get bonus gold in this game however it only works if you have one of the following names.
    1) Territo
    2) Li_Shaoran
    3) Gohan
    4) Fonk Me
    5) P_R_O

    to get bonus gold simply type in either
    i) golden +1000
    ii) silver +3000
    iii) silver silver +15000

    Obviosly this would mainly be useable on local area network games as the names are already taken on

    also typing in -T is meant to allow you instant transmission to a selected unit and typing in V- toggles visibility on/off but i haven't bothered to test these.

    If there are any questions about what i have written or if you would like more detail feel free to email me at under the topic dbz gt hero arena.

    Lordaeron (U.S. West)

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