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  • Ok the mysterious purple orb. This is pretty easy to get.
    First. Buy the mysterious note from one of the shops that sells low level items.
    2. click on it to see the message
    3. type in -door of doom open
    4. go to the maze on the left hand side of the map and try to find your way to the sealed off top half by using the teleportation circles. This will also result in both entrances to be opened. enter the room that used to be shut but opened when you types in -door of doom open. (its at the top left area of the whole maze) pick up the item. You will now have the power orb. Lucky you.
    5. now there are many many things the power orb can do but everything is done at the same location. Those two different sized circles just below the place where you need to put all the dragon balls(if you dont remember where that is type -help and towards the end of all the direction to good training spots it will tell you)
    6. basically the things the power orb can do are as follows.
    i. +25 levels
    ii. -75 leves
    iii. lvl halfed
    iv. lvl doubled
    v. +random number of exp betwenn 1 and 1billion
    vi. hero is removed from game and replaced with an android of the same level and stats and items

    Lordaeron (U.S. West)

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