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Shadow_Templar: I bet we'll see some news prior to E3, and then nothing til Blizzcon
Latest Official Blizzard Maps
Shadow_Templar: Nice Job!
Social media widget
Shadow_Templar: Now people will know how much of an addicted modder I was! yikes haha
Space Zombies
Shadow_Templar: Excellent map, I enjoyed it greatly.
Dota 2 by Valve
Shadow_Templar: Blizzard's version will never be as great as HoN, LoL, or DOTA2. Because they will drop it as soon as it comes out. It's what they did with ever...
More contests and events
Shadow_Templar: Hopefully we see an update on this o.o
More contests and events
Shadow_Templar: Excellent to see a new contest!
Anonymous Comments Should be Barred
Shadow_Templar: Whenever I see an abuse of anon comments (ie just flaming whoever for whatever reason) I delete them.
Melee Map Making Contest -- Win a GTX 460
Shadow_Templar: If the update goes through, and the contest hasn't ended yet, we will use your latest update as your official submission (Unless Dcramer wants to d...
Melee Map Making Contest -- Win a GTX 460
Shadow_Templar: Should be interesting.
What do you HATE about 2.0?
Shadow_Templar: No chat channels. No cross-game (WC3 version 1.0 etc) Popularity system for custom maps.
ST's ORPG .14c.w3x
Shadow_Templar: Thanks! =D
General Chat
Shadow_Templar: Well cracking DRM for investigation is legal now =D
StarCraft 2 Release
Shadow_Templar: Excellent =D
About StarCraft II Retail Crack
Shadow_Templar: Very interesting read. 0.o
Shadow_Templar: Keep in mind there have been mass floodbots with similiar WoW account phising (as well as LOTR:Online, and Warhammer) going around. Check your junk...
Feature Requests
Shadow_Templar: The newer version available already exists. If the map didn't get automatically added to the project under the map's name either you uploaded indep...
Defence of the Ancients
Shadow_Templar: That's different, you didn't factor in the idea that it's designed to be a final product like he did. You rated it within reason, he didn't.
Attention: ANY Map Uploaders
Shadow_Templar: Do not flag your maps as Blizzard maps if they are NOT actual Blizzard maps. You're wasting the moderator's time by having to review these maps ...
Feature Requests
Shadow_Templar: No, you missed the point in your stubborn outlook. Lets assume for a second that your wish is granted, what if you're apart of multiple teams? ...
Feature Requests
Shadow_Templar: Although I understand why you are suggesting these things, the problem is that this nullifies the aspect of "earning" those features. Just buy t...
Shadow_Templar: Until the subforum gets a bit more populated, I suggest letting the "Triggers" subforum have a slightly broader scope, of just map-making/editing i...
General Chat
Shadow_Templar: Pretty much this. Don't attempt to do anything that will for sure have you going to court against a multibillion dollar company. Especially cons...
Shockwave Tutorial
Shadow_Templar: Your tutorial was very nice!
is there any map protector?
Shadow_Templar: Update; a new thread about publishing came out and heres official response: "Locked For Editing (Maps only) - Before publishing a map for the ...
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