Latest: Necro_100000's Creep Wars! v7

Necro_100000's Creep Wars! v7
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  • Hey Necro_100000,

    I cant find any other way of contacting you Lol and i dont know you'll get this but hey... I really like this map but theres a few flaws that bug me even with the latest v17.2 on gnomemap

    Dwarvern Sniper!!! Cmon this guy is so imbalanced +250 extra dmg at fourth evo and his insane crit (x6), get good items (lifesteal+Spell Immune) and nothing can touch him, NOTHING!! No other hero gets + 250 dmg at fourth evo...

    Claws of Amazon:Spell Immunity? A bit much? It makes it impossible for most heroes to touch you with this, and dont get me started on Dwarven Sniper with this item....

    Legendary Items:It only works once for each player? Say you make one item, you cant make any others, OR you can make as many as you can the FIRST time ie. 2 or 3 at once if you had all the items needed. But after the first time you cant make again.

    Ive got a few more but yeah getting long, i'd love to get in contact to help improve this great map!



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