Thursday in preparation for the 19th CPC National Congress.
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    by Wu Qiang

    KATHMANDU, May 25 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of youths gathered Monday at the ruins of Dharhara, a nine-story tower located in downtown Kathmandu Air Max 270 Kids Sale , to show that Nepal will have a brighter future, while mourning the death of their compatriots in the April 25 earthquake, which killed over 8,600 people in the Himalayan nation.

    Built in 1882 by Nepal's first prime minister Bhimsen Thapa, Dharhara Air Max 270 Mens Sale , which had a spiral staircase containing 213 steps and provided a panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley, was razed to the ground when the quake struck a month ago. Its surrounding shops also have lost business due to declining tourists.

    But there, a national pride and patriotism was palpable at the scene on Monday.

    Waving national flags and with faces painted with the miniature figures of the same triangle red standard, those attending the ceremony, organized by the Bibeksheel Nepali (Wise Nepalese) party Air Max 270 Womens Sale , were Nepal's brightest and most well-educated young people from colleges, theaters, media, hospitals, commercial companies and government institutions.

    They found the gathering a good opportunity to express their commitment to rebuild the country's economy and life Air Max 270 Sale , after participating in the rescue and relief works over the past one month.

    Gyarendra Niraula, 26, coordinator of the activity, said Nepal' s youths were on the forefront to reaffirm people's determination to restore their lives.

    "We are trying to restore the minds of the people, to make Nepal in a new way Cheap Nike Air Max 270 Shoes , by going to the general public, merging with the public and masses," he said.

    The Bibeksheel Nepali party, which was set up two years ago, is made up of young intellectuals Cheap Nike Air Max 270 Hot Punch , students, young experts in various trades and professionals.

    On their white and green flag were written: "I am with Nepal. I will help rebuild Nepal. I will help Nepal shine. I will become the change."

    Niru Khatiwada, 23, a Master of Nursing degree applicant at the Tribhuwan University of Kathmandu, said she voluntarily joined the group to help the quake victims.

    "We got together into this political party through Facebook and other associations. Although we are not yet elected to the Parliament Cheap Nike Air Max 270 Kids , we have our political ideas about how to rebuild the country," she said.

    In a nation which has a high rate of youths in its population, the Nepalis can expect the young generation to do their share to the country with innovative ideas and patriotism, according to the Bibeksheel Nepali members.

    According to them, now Kathmandu alone has at least 300 Cheap Nike Air Max 270 Mens ,000 homeless people who were living in the tents and at least 27,000 houses were destroyed or badly damaged in the 7.9-magnitude quake.

    "It is a formidable task for the government and people of Nepal to rebuild our country. The youths of Nepal will lead the way," said Diwakar Dhital, a party member.

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