The Dwarka region of Delhi is one of the affluent locations
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  • The rise of the Internet and software has made it possible for just about anyone to start their own courier service. All they need to have is a computer system connected to the internet Cheap Jerseys , a suitable software package, and tie ups with regular services. Should a customer approach them online and book a consignment, they pass on the handling to any one of their associates. However, this type of service may be unsatisfactory on a number of counts. The actual deficiency shows up if a parcel that needs to be delivered urgently is delayed or is lost in transit. The client then suffers. In many cases, such parcel delivery services aggregate parcels to specific locations in order to avail of freight charge advantages, and this could result in delays.

    On the other hand, there are genuine UK parcel delivery companies with their own establishments, trained personnel, management headed by people with courier industry experience, fleets of bikes and vans, and supporting IT infrastructure. These are the companies to do business with should you need total reliability and assured deliveries anywhere in the country, the continent or the world. Infrastructure does make a difference. It allows for total control of all parts of the operation. This starts with interactions with customers. The next stage is parcel or document pick up and documentation, followed by use of appropriate transport.

    For intra-city movement of individual parcels, bikes may be the best choice and a same day courier service should have a fleet of bikes at its command. In case a client requires a larger-sized parcel or a large number of smaller parcels to be moved within the city or between cities, a parcel delivery service with its fleet of vans can provide faster and more reliable services.

    The IT infrastructure that these companies have also plays a key role. It enables the company to maintain databases and accounts of regular clients and offer them special services as well as rates based on transaction volume. They can easily offer online quotes instantly because their trained staff is knowledgeable and does not have to rely on third parties for pricing. Even casual one-time customers receive prompt services that enable them to make immediate decisions. IT infrastructure helps clients too. They can book or schedule pickups and then track the GPS-equipped vans to know their precise location and arrival time.

    Manpower is of no less importance. When it comes to picking up parcels Wholesale College Jerseys , processing documentation, moving goods and delivering consignments to a large number of customers across the city or the country, the availability of personnel does make a difference to speed, efficiency and reliability of services. If a client gives special instructions about care and handling of sensitive materials, there are people who will listen and implement such instructions. Compare this with courier aggregators who simply pass on instructions, but with no guarantee as to whether they will be followed or not.

    Then there is the matter of value addition. A company that offers courier services and has personnel and resources at its command can offer value added services. This can include services like complete storage, pick, pack, dispatch and delivery. A businessman need not maintain a warehouse as his goods are stored in the company’s warehouse. All he has to phone in his instructions and personnel pick the appropriate item, pack it, label it and dispatch it for door delivery to the designated address.

    Pricing is a crucial issue in courier services. It goes without saying that an aggregator adds his own mark-up to the quoted price, and this makes it more expensive for clients, especially when you consider the costs. A company with its own infrastructure and personnel can actually offer reduced pricing, especially to bulk customers and regular customers, further engendering loyalty. Companies engaged in online retailing find the price advantage helpful in a very competitive atmosphere.

    Then there is the human factor. A regular client gets to know people Wholesale NFL Jerseys , and people in the company know clients and their preferences. This leads to better interaction and trust as well as better response in emergency situations. Companies with infrastructure are here to stay and are not likely to vanish, as can happen with online aggregators.
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