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  • Lotan was born in Netanya, Israel, and earned a fashion degree from the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, near Tel Aviv. In 1980, she relocated to New York and began a long career working for major Coach Outlet Store American ready-to-wear companies, including Liz Claiborne, Ralph Lauren, Adrienne Vittadini and Nautica. It was Nautica founder David Chu who suggested that Lotan launch her own line, and he funded her first collection, in 2003.Over the years, Lotan has developed a language for her label. “I always have some sort michael kors outlet online of military jacket, some sort of trench coat or raincoat, I always have a beach dress,” she tells Alexa. “There is a certain order and continuity.”This holds true for her spring 2015 collection, a master class in unadorned minimalism via a clean, mostly white and black palette of tanks, Longchamp sweaters and jackets, mixed with a twisted-halter LBD and black-lace overlay blouses.“I don’t like excess,” adds Lotan, who is in her 50s. “To me, the aesthetics and the beauty come from the textile, the shape, the way it sits on the body.”Her fashion language also includes sociopolitical commentary, in michael kors bags the form of silk dresses or tees printed with thought-provoking photographs. Those evolved from her first statement piece, a spring 2007 gun-print dress created as an anti-war protest after visiting her home country during the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah war.Her second, a year later, was an image of another anti-war demonstration, Longchamp Bags while more recent subjects have included a portrait of Bob Dylan by rock photographer Michael Ochs.“It’s not about my opinion, it’s to provoke conversation and thoughts,” says Lotan, whose Tribeca store exhibits artwork and sells her favorite books and photographs. “It’s my little contribution to social justice and politics.”<br Longchamp Outlet />In 1994, the New Yorker declared Chloë Sevigny, then 19, “the coolest girl in the world.”Twenty-one years later, the title still holds — and the actress/designer/style icon has a new self-titled book (Rizzoli, $35) to prove it.Out Monday, the 222-page tome is a retrospective of photographs, scrapbook pages and Coach Outlet Store Online other intimate snippets spanning the 40-year-old impresario’s hodgepodge career. It covers everything from her “Kids”-era street-urchin days to recent Opening Ceremony collaborations.“[Sevigny’s] zest for freely roaming around space with an attitude and outfit to match evolved well ahead of what is now the homogenized look of the Internet,” Kim coach purses Gordon writes in the introduction. “Her dark-side style is a like a breath of fresh air compared to the bland, candy-coated, Hollywood-ized proposal for female sexuality and the democratization of ‘cool.’ ”In honor of the next great addition to our coffee-table book collection, we’ve rounded up nine infallible reasons why coach factory Chloë is as cool as Gordon (and just about everyone else) thinks. Why nine? Because it’s a beautifully odd number — just like Ms. Sevigny.
    Hang on to those Abercrombie & Fitch shopping bags plastered with shirtless male models — they could be worth something someday. The trademark hotties coach outlet are going the way of the dinosaur, as the retailer announced the brand will discontinue the use of “sexualized marketing” at all of its locations by the end of July. Meanwhile, models are finding ways to skirt the new BMI runway laws — by stuffing their pockets with weights Longchamp Sale to help them pass scale tests.-No longer will shirtless men greet you at the door of Abercrombie & Fitch. The retailer is scaling back the sexiness at all A&F and Hollister locations, with the goal of being rid of all shirtless paraphernalia by July. They will also make their coach factory outlet stores less creepy by increasing lighting and decreasing its powerful trademark aroma. -Thought the new body-mass-index laws would force models to put on some weight? Think again! Anonymous models confessed their agencies often provided them with Spanx stuffed with weighted sandbags so they would qualify for the minimum 18 coach handbags BMI. “I even saw them put weights in their hair,” an informant revealed. -Wide-legged jean empire JNCO is coming back with a vengeance later in April. Take a look back at the history of the brand, which began in 1985 and rose to fame in the ’90s, when the michael kors purses jeans were banned by schools nationwide post-Columbine — fearing students would hide weapons under them. -Have no fear: Hood by Air is here! The fashion brand just opened a pop-up location in NYC’s Dover Street Market to highlight Hood by Air’s spring 2015 collection. Located on the fourth floor, michael kors outlet online sale the temporary structure uses everyday materials, such as chain-link fences and clothesline, to display the line’s wares.-Saint Laurent has filed suit against Jeanine Heller, the founder of What About Yves, for her popular “Ain’t Laurent Without Yves” shirts. The lawsuit claims trademark infringement, trademark dilution, false designation of origin Longchamp Outlet and unfair competition.
    Not even floors are safe from her discerning eye. “If I’m going to a cafe where there are really good tiles…I think about how the floors look and what shoes would go with them and what jeans look good with them,” admits the 27-year-old, who michael kors outlet regularly consults a list of the best-tiled floors in NYC. Lafayette Grand Café is one of her go-tos.“If someone says we can go here or here and I know one [of the places] has good tile, the answer is obvious,” she says.For others, though, Insta-glamming is a more peer-pressure-induced Longchamp Bag pastime.Sarah Uibel (@sarahdiem), lifestyle director at LFB Media Group, has one friend who is so heavy-handed with the ’gram that she has taken to slapping on bright red lipstick and extra eyeliner any time she gets together with the pal, in the unfortunate event that she gets Instattacked.“You have Longchamp Handbags those friends who say, ‘Oh, I look so terrible today’ and then they show up looking perfect. And I’m like, ‘Oh, I really just came straight from Pilates,’” she says. “They’re like, michael kors ‘Oh, let’s take a spontaneous photo,’ and I’m just like, ‘Um…why don’t you just stick to taking photos of the food?’ ” (Of course, Uibel, who has close to 600 followers, puts in a little added effort any time she’s manning the iPhone camera.)Makeup and hair businesses are benefiting from the quest to look picture-perfect at all times.
    Actor and musician Evan Ross, meanwhile, worked with jeweler Neil Lane to create a vibrant ruby-and-diamond creation for Ashlee michael kors handbags Simpson, inspired by a vintage ring in Lane’s archive.And Olivia Wilde’s left hand is adorned with an estate diamond encircled by emeralds, given to her by actor Jason Sudeikis. “All they know is that [the ring] went through Paris around 1921,” Olivia told Lucky magazine last year. “It’s a coach outlet online bit of an aqua-emerald, not a deep, dark green. Jason said it reminded him of my eyes, which is very sweet.”Kwiat says the late Edwardian and early Art Deco eras are the most influential for vintage rings at the moment. “That’s when you started to see a lot of michael kors outlet clearance filigree, milgrain edging and the use of more unusual cuts of diamonds, like emerald and Asscher,” he explains.Then there are the celebrities who stand apart by the sheer (super) size of their bling. Jennifer Aniston has been hauling what’s said to be an 8-carat emerald-cut diamond (set in chic Coach Bags yellow gold) for her nearly three-year engagement to Justin Theroux. (Just don’t bring up Angelina Jolie’s bauble, which is rumored to ring in at 16 carats.)

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