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Good AoS map with AI anyone?
ss14: Perhaps you can try this game Cops & Robbers AI
How do you get Extra Models?
ss14: yea its hard
Strategy for Kingdom of Chaos
ss14: Anyone has strategy for this map Kingdom of Chaos AI version 1.24b?
IRC Information
ss14: i stopped mirc few yrs ady.. now movin to google wave
How I change race?
ss14: is it sc1 or sc2?
Starcrack AI 7.0 vs
ss14: yea bnet is better for sure
Feedback Requested: Reviews
ss14: i think 60 exp is too few.. 1k perhaps? lol
resource trading system
ss14: oic.. cant we reduce the 5 min?
Gradient Mixer
ss14: cool thing!
Vexorian's Map Optimizer
ss14: will it protect the map?
WC3 Armor - Damage Reduction Calculator
ss14: it's cool! but is this accurate??
anyone good woth stealhbot???
ss14: tats cool
5 favorite/best maps on nibbits
ss14: any map that is not dota
ss14: what is that?
Valkirie has launcher 0.27
ss14: yup, don work
Twilight Fortress (Money Map)
ss14: yea this is a great map
DotA AI Version1.11
ss14: yap, me too.. which hero do u like best?
ss14: nice idea! i like!
Lazerus TD 4.0
ss14: Wow, I see my name here twice.. ranked all maps 1? then what is this - ? the number of my 'like' is mor...
ss14: lol.. not that hard to get into top 100 rite?
Bleach vs One Piece v2.09
ss14: vomited.. this map is nothing special..
Story of a Gladiator v1.1b
ss14: awesome! i love this!
ST's War TD .30a
ss14: No no, it wasn't counted.. there are 5 people who voted your map, it should be "5 votes considered" instead of 4, you get my point? and your newer ...
ss14: Have anyone seen a TD with AI before?
ST's War TD .30a
ss14: I would like to report a bug, i voted this map but it still shows total number of 4 votes instead of 5.. it doesn't count mine.. :(
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